Covid-19 A Positive Future

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Many say things will never be the same, it may be so..... but it's not all bad.
Fresh milk delivery

Looking for some positivity in tough times

Some things will definitely not be the same by the time we’re through this pandemic, but every cloud has it’s silver lining. The earth and it’s people needed a shock-wave to bring us to a stand still so we can realize, “we need to change”.

Covid-19 and lock-down regulations have forced us to alter our lifestyles and we’ve fast become accustomed to ordering goods online and getting home deliveries, but actually this is nothing new. 30 years ago this was the only way you got your milk, it was delivered daily to your door.

Fresh milk and other produce delivered to your door is just what we need as it will reduce our plastic consumption, less people moving to buy their groceries will reduce carbon emissions, the earth is forcing us to change our ways so it and us can heal.

Many are concerned about job losses and business closures with the rise of our new future, this will happen, but many new opportunities will arise and we will adapt, restart and re-employ. 

Whilst some big industries may close this will open many new opportunities for small businesses and new entrepreneurs. There’s a bright future ahead where your local green grocer will network with farmers and sell fresh produce through their website, straight from the farm to your table, you’ll get everything you need without having to leave your home and it will be healthier, fresher and more nutritious. There will be challenges, you may leave you milk at the door for too long and end up with sour milk, but then you too would have adapted and you’re more in touch with the internet, so you Google

What can you do with spoiled milk?

Use it for baking. ...
Thicken soups and casseroles. ...
Tenderize a steak. ...
Make homemade cheese. ...
Make your skin smoother and firmer. ...
Give your plants calcium. ...
Make a salad dressing. ...
Add to your pet's food.....

so you see one way or another we will do things differently in the future, we’ll be happy that we left our old ways behind.

If you’re being drastically affected during this time and you’re out of work and looking for something to do, there’s already many new and existing opportunities online.

If you’re reading this article and pointing out grammar and composition errors, you’re probably good at writing, there’s an increasing demand online for 


Content Writers

Content Writers get paid to write articles for websites, they also create other marketing content like headlines and sales pitches for social media adverts.

Local Online Delivery Operators

New opportunities are a plenty for delivery services with lock-down regulations, network with your local shops and start a delivery service.

Start a Blog

Bloggers make money by providing information on a specific topic and then sell products and services related to that topic. A typical example would be a cooking blog

you cook a meal and publish the recipe on your website, after sharing it your blog audience some people show interest in your recipe and would like to know where to get some specialized ingredients in the recipe. You can either sell them those ingredients or partner with your local store to pay you for referring customers to his or her store.


You can blog about any topic that you have knowledge about, you also need to be a little passionate, with a little hard work you'll find there's many ways you can make money out of blogging.

Start an Online Shop

There’s an increase in need for home delivery on goods at the moment, it’s a good time to start selling online. Network with businesses around you and start an online shop selling their goods. This is a good way to get started without having to invest in stock.

Influencer Marketing

If you like being in front of the camera, making videos advertising goods and services for businesses can be very lucrative. It’s a simple process where you get paid to market someones product or service to your audience. To make money as a marketing influencer you need to first grow an audience. 

These are just a few of the opportunities out there, there are many more ways to make money from home using the internet, whitest you search the web for inspiration and ideas, be careful of people offering a quick buck, 

there's no REAL opportunities that don't require some level of hard work, determination and consistency.

If you need help putting a plan together to start a new online business or you want to get your current business online, these are some valuable resources that will help you.

Market Research

Best Online Store Builder

Best Blogging Site Builder

If you need any help or advise with online sales and marketing

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