Hamilton Beach Espresso Makers

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Hamilton Beach espresso makers offer good value for money.
hamilton beach coffee maker

Model 40715

Model 40715
  • Café-quality results
  • Works with easy serving espresso pods or ground espresso
  • No-fuss milk frother for cappuccino
  • Powerful 15-bar Italian pump
  • Simple push-button operation
  • Easy-fill removable water reservoir
  • Dimensions (inches): 13 H x 12.31 W x 8.2 D

Model 40792

  • 15 bar Italian pressure pump for excellent extraction and rich crema
  • Patented Slide & Lock™ filter holder makes setup easy
  • Removable water reservoir and drip tray
  • Swiveling steam wand for steaming and frothing milk
  • Works with espresso pods or ground espresso
  • Selector dial for espresso and steam functions
  • Cup warmer
  • Indicator lights
  • Dimensions (inches): 11.6 H x 9.6 W x 12 D

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How do you make espresso?

Fill the water removable water reservoir to the MAX line with cold water. Return it securely to the back of your espresso maker.
Select either your single or double shot filter and lock it into your portafilter. Align the raised dimples to lock it in place.
Using the scoop provided, add in 1 tablespoon (15ml) of ground espresso for the single server or 2 tablespoons (30ml) for the double into your portafilter. Using the back of your scoop as a tamper, press the espresso grounds. TEST KITCHEN TIP: When tamping down your ground espresso, don’t sit the portafilter directly on the counter. Rest the lip of it on the edge of the counter so you don’t apply pressure to the bottom screws on the portafilter.
Slide your portafilter into place at the front of your espresso machine. Push it all the way in until it can’t go any further.
Pull down on the lever at the side to lock your portafilter into place.
Put your cup under the portafilter spouts.
Turn the knob to BREW and watch as your cup(s) fill with hot and delicious espresso. As the espresso brews, it will gradually look lighter in color. Press the knob back to off when you’ve brewed the desired amount.

How much espresso is in each shot?

We recommend letting your espresso machine to run for 15-20 seconds before removing your cup. If you are using the single-serving filter, this will give you 1-1.5oz of espresso. If you are using the double-serving filter, it will give you 2-3oz.

How do you clean the portafilter?

Our portafilter was designed to be easy to clean. Flip the lever on the handle up and use your thumb to hold it in place.
Dump the contents of your filter into the garbage or compost.
After making sure your portafilter and filter are cool to the touch, twist the filter out of the portafilter.
Wash your portafilter and filter in warm soapy water and allow it to dry.

Is this espresso machine dishwasher safe?

No. While the outside of the machine is easy to clean with a warm damp cloth, you’ll want to hand wash all the removable parts in warm soapy water. Putting the removable parts in the dishwasher can change their color and make them unsafe to use.

Does this espresso maker fit under a countertop?

Most likely, yes. Despite being very powerful, this espresso maker has a surprisingly small profile and is lighter weight than most other machines. The dimensions in inches are 11.6 H x 9.6 W x 12 D.

How long does it take to fill a cup?

If the water from the reservoir is heated, it should take less than 5 seconds for the espresso to start pouring. A full demitasse will take between 15-20 seconds.

Does this espresso machine automatically stop itself?

No, it doesn’t. You will need to turn it off when the desired amount of espresso is in your cup.

What size is the tamper?

It is a lightweight plastic 50mm tamper. The portafilter will work with any 50mm tamper.

What size cup will fit under the portafilter spout?

A teacup and average size mug will comfortably fit under the spout. A travel mug will be too large. When the portafilter is locked in place, there will be about 4 ½ inches from the drip tray to the spout.

Does this espresso maker come with a milk cup for steaming?

No, it doesn’t. You should purchase your milk cup separately. We recommend a metal or ceramic cup.

Are the parts BPA-free?

Yes, all the plastic that comes in contact with food is BPA-free.

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